Homeopathic, Naturopathic and Holistic Veterinarians

There is growing interest in alternative forms of veterinary medicine not only because it is usually less expensive, but because it embraces a different approach to assessing and treating animals from; chronic diseases to infections, asthma, diabetes, allergies, injuries, and a multitude of other conditions. These alternative practitioners of veterinary medicine have gone through traditional medical training as all veterinarians go through, but they provide different modalities, therapies, remedies and choices for treatment, and may offer traditional veterinary solutions, if indicated.

Many people prefer this approach instead of immediately relying on drugs, antibiotics and pain medications, or surgery. Holistic remedies are usually made up of plant, mineral and medicinal ingredients in minute amounts but in this profession, great significance is also placed on assessment of your animal’s diet, emotional and psychological state, and stress levels in the treatment plans.

Many of these veterinarians also offer, acupuncture chiropractic treatments, nutritional counseling, and massage. This natural system of medicine is common all over the world for humans as well as animals. It is based on treating the whole animal and the premise that using natural compounds will actually stimulate the body to use its’ own natural healing mechanisms.

There is also great emphasis on effective preventative care. One of the best sites I have seen on holistic animal care will help to explain and inform about this type of veterinary medicine is http://holisticvetcare.com/. I would advise anyone interested in this veterinary care to search online Homeopathic, Naturopathic , or Holistic Veterinarians. 

There are literally hundreds of websites, some with videos, hotlines, question boxes to fill in, natural medicines for sale, and some offer consultations.  You can enter your city in a locator box to find these veterinarians in your city, or in other countries.  Here are some that I found for your pleasure;

 http://www.civtedu.org/europe/   (UK, Holland, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Austria,etc.)

http://azmiraholisticanimalcare.com/contents/en-uk/contactus.html   ( Holland)