Global Animal Right's Political Parties

In the Netherlands, the Party for the Animals was founded in October 2002 by among others Marianne Thieme. In the Dutch general election of 2003 it gained 50,000 votes (0.5%), but not a seat in the House of Representatives. In the 2004 European Parliament election the party gained 153,000 votes (3.2%), three times as much as in the 2002 Dutch general election. Still the number of votes was not enough to obtain a seat in the European Parliament. During the 2006 parliamentary elections it gained 179,988 votes (1.8%), enough for two seats in Dutch parliament. In the run-up to these elections the party was supported by several Dutch celebrities, such as writers Maarten 't Hart and Jan Wolkers.

In its first municipal council elections the party in 2010 gained one seat in every of the five places, where it participated. In its third parliamentary elections, on June 9 in 2010, the PvdD retained its two seats in the House of Representatives with 122,317 votes (1.3%). In the 2012 general elections the party got 182,162 votes, an increase of 45%, but with just under 2% of the popular vote this did not secure a third seat in the house of representatives.

The "PvdD" is the first political party in the world to gain parliamentary seats with an agenda focused primarily on animal rights. One of the results that the PvdD claims to have reached during her first four year parliamentary period is the fact that the government has declared that reduction of national meat consumption further on is one of its priorities.The Party for Animals welcomed its 10,000th member in late 2009.

From, Party For The Animals website:

The Party for the Animals is the fastest growing political party in the Netherlands. We act as a "pacemaker" in the parliament; in other words, we encourage the other political parties to move faster when it comes to animal welfare.

Ever since the establishment of the Party for the Animals, there has been a great deal of interest in the party abroad. That is why we have created this international website, which provides a lot of useful information. Each week Marianne Thieme, the leader of the Party for the Animals, will write a new worldlog about her experiences in politics. This worldlog will not only be available in English, but also in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

The Party for the Animals believes that animals should be given the rights that they deserve. Animal interests should no longer continually be subordinated to economic interests. Not just in the Netherlands, but also beyond. We would therefore like to join forces with kindred spirits in other countries. The more animal welfare parties that are set up across the globe, the better.

Please visit their facinating website  which has information how you can establish a political party for the animals, and the website is available in nine different languages.  Their informative website has extensive information and videos as well.

They also list other countries with animal rights parties for you to research. United Kingdom;, Spain; Partido Antitaurino Contra el Maltrato Animal, Portugal; Partido Pelos Animais E Natureza-PAN,, Italy; Partito Animalista Italiano, http;//, Germany; Tierschutzpartei Mench-Umwelt-Tierschutz, http://www., Austria; Tierschutzvereinigung-Barenstark fur Tierrechte,,  Switzerland; Tierpartei Schweitz {TPS} or Parti suisse por les animaux {PspA}, htpp://, Denmark; Miljopartiet Fokus,, Australia; Australian Animal Justice Party,,  United States of America; Humane Party,, Canada; Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada;

In recent years, several political parties were founded world-wide that have as their main goal the improvement of animal welfare and the recognition of animal rights: