Hands-On Volunteer/Internship Vacations to Help Animals 

There are animal sanctuaries, refuges, hospitals, and rescue organizations all over the world, as well as in America, who need kind hearted people who are committed to animal welfare to volunteer their time and help. These organizations need help in all areas, much of the work, hands on experience with animals in need.

These organizations need funding, and donations, but many also need volunteers, and interns. From my research and experience as an animal activist, people often express a keen desire to perform hands on help but are not aware of those organizations who need help, where they are located, in which country and how to arrange their travel.

I invite any oganization  anywhere in the world to use this website as a clearing house by sending your information regarding your needs, which I will post on this page. There are people all over the world who would like to spend their vacations, take a leave of absence, or retired people who may have the luxury of donating an extended period of time, so they can make a real contribution to our suffering animals.

These potential volunteers and interns are specific about wanting to be trained on the spot to work directly with the animals. They do not want to travel half way across the world at their own expense to end up doing office work,washing floors or windows, or cleaning stalls. They absolutely crave that deep and personal connection directly with hands on experience with suffering or lonely animals. It could be anything from washing spilled oil off of ducks and sea mammals, assisting veterinarians in any way needed, doing vaccinations, helping with rescues and injured animals, feeding baby animals, walking dogs, grooming animals, giving medications, or transporting animals. There is a great and overwhelming need in the human heart to give of oneself physically and emotionally, directly to an animal who desperately needs help.

This is an open invitation to organizations, shelters, sanctuaries, anywhere in the world to fill out the form below with your information and website and what your specific needs are; if you can provide housing or not, the cost the volunteers can expect to pay to travel to your city, if they need their own health and accident insurance while they are there, your mission statement and your address and phone number.

When we receive your information we will post it on this website so potential volunteers and interns can contact you directly. This is a win-win situation for the animal organizations, the volunteers and especially the animals who will be the recipients of compassion and mercy from those who care deeply about their welfare.