Websites to Inspire Animal Stewardship

Irish Council Against Blood Sport
A provocative and disturbing website exposing the cruelty of hare coursing, fox hunting, including fox pups, and mink hunting. The plea is for people to get involved by signing petitions against these blood sports, and subscribing to their newsletter.
German Animal Welfare Association (Deutscher Tierschutzbund e.V.)
For a Bullfighting Free Europe
Information on the growing criticism of this brutal entertainment in 9 countries.
Animal Humane Society
A private non-profit organization that deals with animal welfare issues such as; animals in entertainment and competition, in research, testing and education, pet overpopulation and humane investigations, and rescues.
Fire-Bull fiesta in Spain
The hideous and shameful fiesta of the Toro Jubilo takes places in Medinaceli (Soria, Spain) every November. The captive bull has his head doused with tar and then the tar is set on fire. The terrorized bull is then released into the crowd to run the streets, bellowing in pain, in absolute terror, while the tar which is on fire, burns into his head, causing the animal to suffer a very slow, agonizing death while crowds chase him and cheer .The silence regarding this gruesome and shocking annual fiesta is unfathomable.
Perhaps writing the Queen of Spain will influence her to pressure them to stop causing damage to Spain’s reputation by this shameful festival.
Secretariat of Her Majesty, The Queen Sofia
Mr. José Cabrera García
Palacio de La Zarzuela
Carretera del Pardo s/n
28071 Madrid. Spain
Deconstructing the Myth of Humane Animal Agriculture

We are a community of former farmers, animal rescuers, animal sanctuary founders, educators, and artists working to create a just and nonviolent future. Currently, both the animal-using industry and some animal advocacy organizations are propagating the idea that it is possible to use and kill animals in a manner that can be fairly described as respectful or compassionate or humane. We believe that this "Humane Myth" misrepresents the realities of animal use, and cultivates a positive image of activities that are neither just nor kind nor sustainable.
Oikeutta eläimille ("Justice for Animals")
a Finnish animal rights organisation. Founded in 1995, the group engages in lecturing, demonstrations, distributing flyers and other grassroots activism, as well as civil disobedience. In recent years, the organisation has published photographs and videos from undercover investigations of Finnish pig, poultry and fur farms. The images have been widely circulated in the Finnish media, sparking public outrage and calls for the resignation of the Minister of Agriculture, Sirkka-Liisa Anttila.Oikeutta eläimille has also reported several fur farms to the police, and urged Finland to follow the example of fellow Nordic countries Denmark and Sweden and ban fur farming.
Mad Cowboy
This website is about Howard Lyman (4th generation cattle rancher and vegan), his inspiring life, the Oprah Trial, the "Mad Cowboy" Feature Documentary, the book "Mad Cowboy," andVoice for a Viable Future. A fantastic and inspiring website where you can also sign up for a free newsletter and buy his DVD about the dramatic transformation in his life.
Help Save the Moon Bear
Animals Asia Foundation
As many as 9,000 bears in China are kept in tiny cages that prevent their movement to be 'milked' for their bile using metal catheters inserted into the animal's gall bladder. These endangered bears are subjected to a lifetime of misery. Half the animals are said to die during or shortly after the insertion of the catheter. Those that survive suffer from tumors, infections from open wounds, abscesses and hernias. The bile is used in traditional Chinese medicine, and there is no scientific data of its’ efficacy. Join the efforts to end this atrocity.