Websites to Inspire Animal Stewardship

End Bear Baiting in Pakistan
During this cruel event the bear is tied to a rope in the center of an arena. This is considered entertainment and is sometimes done at weddings. Their canine teeth are removed and their claws either removed or filed down. The dogs are trained to viciously attack the defenseless bear who cannot fight back or escape. When the dogs pull the helpless bear to the ground they are given credit for winning the fight even though it wasn’t a fight at all. Bears always suffer injuries and endure great pain and usually have to undergo several fights in a day. Join the fight to end this abomination.
Eurogroup for Animals
Recognised by the European Parliament and Commission as the leading animal welfare organisation in the EU. They represent animal welfare interests on many EU advisory committees and consultation bodies. They are the leading voice for animal welfare at European Union level providing a voice for the billions of animals kept in laboratories, farms and homes or living in the wild.
Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan
According to world famous dog behavior specialist and animal activist, Cesar Millan, at least 600 million stray animals that live on the streets around the world, starving, injured, sick, without homes or warmth or anyone to love or care for them. He has made it one of his major goals in life to do everything in his power to address such indifference by; promoting programs, holding events, writing books, lecturing, and generating financial resources for spay neuter programs, no kill shelters and his foundation, The Cesar Millan Foundation.
Mercy For Animals
Mercy For Animals is a powerful and effective organization working to stop the extreme animal cruelty against animals on farms. They conduct investigations of cruelty and have often successfully brought individual fugitives to justice, as well as prosecuting corporations that allow criminal animal abuse. Their main goal is to create an environment where animals are protected from the rampant abuse that exists. Through their advocacy work, educational outreach, working with lawyers, law enforcement, veterinarians, and animal welfare professionals, they have made a profound difference lessening the suffering for innocent animals.
Jane Velez Mitchell
A well- known TV personality, writer, environmentalist, and animal rights advocate. Ms. Mitchell often reports on cases of extreme animal abuse on her nightly TV show. Exposing violent abuse and criminal acts against animals on factory farms against; cows, calves, pigs and chickens, routinely, she has made the public aware of these atrocities. She also gives wide publicity to HSUS, PETA, and Mercy For Animals, many times showing their undercover videos, informing consumers about these heinous violations.
Look for this new documentary that was featured on Jane’s show recently, called The Ghosts in Our Machine (2013) - IMDb
About the amazing Dr. Friedlander
Dr. Lester Friedlander, Former New York State Racing and Wagering Board Veterinarian and Former USDA Chief Inspector states “Eating Horse Meat on Your Plate is like eating Poison on Your Plate.
Declaration of Harm by Dr. Lester Friedlander
VIDEO: Wild Horse and Animal Slaughter
Citizens Against Equine Slaughter
Stop Horse Slaughter