Websites to Inspire Animal Stewardship

About Animal Rights Sweden
Their goal is to end animal experimentation, suffering in animal agriculture, fur production, and all forms of animal exploitation.
Attitudes of European Union Citizens Towards Animal Welfare
A very interesting read, full of statistics, graphs and questionnaires.
United Kingdom
UK’s largest animal rights group, against all kinds of animal abuse.
Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe
Dramatic track record of activism against all forms of animal suffering.
Quaker Concern For Animals United Kingdom
Dedication to animal welfare through ecumenical and interfaith policies.
Quaker Concern For Animals-United States
Activism through education, religious services, lobbying, and protests.
Animals Worldwide
Tourism & Animal Welfare Helping animals around the globe.
Scottish Animal Protection Group
Animal advocacy against; snaring, circus cruelty, experiments, banning hunting dogs, and protecting wildlife, and other initiatives.
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Combating critical animal welfare issues in more than 50, countries working with the Council of Europe, national governments, and the United Nations.
World Wildlife Fund
The world’s leading conservation organization, in 100 countries with 1.2 million members in the United States and 5 million globally.