Websites to Inspire Animal Stewardship

Concern for Helping Animals in Israel
Click on English. Their goal is to combat animal suffering in Israel by education, new laws, campaigns, for Jews, Muslims and Christians. They believe that animals do not exist to serve human needs, and are opposed to the exploitation of animals in all its forms. They teach empathy respect and responsibility for all living beings.
The Christian Vegetarian Association—USA
(International non-denominational ministry) Supports and encourages Christian vegetarians around the world, how being vegetarian is a powerful and faith-strengthening witness to Christ’s love, compassion, and peace. Watch the video promoting their new DVD at:
The Christian Vegetarian Association – United Kingdom
The British CVA, an affiliate, has an informative website promoting a way of life that is biblical, and represents good Christian stewardship. The website has extensive resources, campaigns, and great links to other Christian vegetarian groups, recipes, and writings. Their mission is to proclaim Christ’s loving compassion for all creation.
VAFA-Animal Shelter in Iran
A non-governmental shelter in Hashtgerd, west of Tehran, Iran, providing shelter for over 400 dogs. Enchanting website, filled with beautiful photographs, heart- warming stories, activities, remarkable volunteers, videos, adoption programs, and much needed medical assistance for the animals. They exist because of dedicated volunteers and private support and donations. Much praise to these dedicated animal stewards.
To help: Ms. Fereshteh Motamedi:
Captive Animals Protective Society
(United Kingdom Animal Charity)
A leader to end the use of animals in entertainment, like zoos, circuses and the exotic pet trade, by undercover investigations, research, campaigns, political lobbying and education. Their evidence-based campaigns and strong ethical basis provides a substantial improvement to the lives of animals by ending their exploitation.
Circle of Compassion for All Beings
An invitation to join the worldwide circle of prayer for animals, asking for blessings and peace to all free-living birds, fish, and animals being harmed, terrorized, and killed by toxic poisons spewed into their home lands, waters, and skies by both secret and blatant human activity.
World Parrot Trust
Nearly one-third of all parrot species are threatened in the wild. The World Parrot Trust has helped to support and fund vital conservation work for over 40 species of parrots in 22 countries.
Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust
There are significant populations of street-dogs in Nepal, who live short, tragic lives, which authorities control by the inhumane use of strychnine poison. HART seeks to reduce stray dog populations by spay neuter programs and improving their health and safety, but is in desperate financial need.
International Animal Rescue
They save animals from suffering around the world. They free and care for dancing bears in India, rescue primates from animal traffickers in Indonesia, treat stray dogs and cats in developing countries, and also wildlife and livestock, and they return rehabilitated animals to the wild or give them a safe haven for life.
Irish Antivivisection Society
279,609 animals were sacrificed in Irish laboratories in 2010, the highest figure ever recorded, placing Ireland near the top in Europe for animal experimentation ruining Ireland’s reputation for high animal welfare standards. IAVS opposes animal experiments and promotes scientific research and testing that does not involve animals.