Exceptional Animal Films to Inspire

Extraordinary animal films to inform and delight you visually. Most are free to watch and all of them are essential to broaden your awareness of the thrilling and exciting, but often dangerous lives these precious animals live. We are the recipients of the immense joy that they bring us every day and we must step out, speak up and help them to survive.

Battle ForThe Elephants
The elephant, Earth's most charismatic and majestic land animal, today faces market forces driving the value of its tusks to levels once reserved for gold. This groundbreaking National Geographic special goes undercover to expose the criminal network behind ivory's supply and demand.
NATURE: Magic of the Snowy Owl
A team of intrepid filmmakers provides an intimate look at the snowy owl, a bird made popular by Harry Potter's faithful companion Hedwig. Though "snowies" naturally stand out for their beauty, intelligence and charm, in their eerie, bleak Arctic home it is their determination and survival skills that are truly magical.
Nature:The Magnificant American Eagle-PBS 53 minute film
Unique to North America, the bald eagle is the continent’s most recognizable aerial predator, with a shocking white head, electric yellow beak, and penetrating eyes. In the 1960s, this symbol of the United States became an emblem of environmental degradation as the pesticide DDT and other human pressures brought it to the brink of extinction. But following their protection as an endangered species, bald eagles have come roaring back. Photographed by three-time Emmy-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig, this first-ever HD hour on bald eagles is an intimate portrait of these majestic raptors’ lives in the wild.
Saving the Ocean: Season See complete film, one hour, 26 minutes
Saving the Ocean is about people solving problems. The news is grim: overfishing, pollution, coral reefs are in trouble. A group of unsung heroes - scientists, conservationists, and local communities are hard at work with solutions. Join marine biologist, conservationist, scholar and writer Dr.Carl Safina, founder of the Blue Ocean Institute, as he takes viewers around the globe to bring back good news from the world's oceans.
NATURE:The Loneliest Animals The most endangered species on the planet. PBS- See the entire video-50 minute
In many cases, intensive captive breeding programs have been launched with the aim of sustaining these animals and the hope of returning them to the wild. Viewers will be taken into high-security, high-tech labs where scientists attempt to breed new generations, and into the field to discover what forces have led to the demise of entire species
The Cloud Blog: Q&A with Cloud Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens
In late 1993 Marty Stouffer, the host of the popular Wild America series on PBS, asked me to film a show about mustangs. In March of 1994, my location scouting trip took me to the Arrowhead (Pryor is the anglo name) Mountains of southern Montana. At dawn in the red desert country at the bottom of the mountain, I had a chance encounter with the black stallion, Raven, who was eating snow at the base of a red butte. The stallion and his family ran away from me, but in that unforgettable moment, I knew I had found at least one of my future shooting locations. My generic story of wild horses gradually morphed into a very personal account of the life of Raven and his family. Cloud was born the following year while I was still filming for Marty. I formed the Cloud Foundation in 2005 when I realized that wild horses were fast disappearing from their ranges in the West and that Cloud and his herd
The Cloud Blog
In honor of Cloud’s 17th birthday May 29, 2012, filmmaker Ginger Kathrens answers your questions about Cloud and his family, wild horses, and the recent BLM roundups
Saving Pelican 895 (Widescreen) HBO Documentary (Trailer)
From Emmy(R) - winning filmmakers Marc Levin and Daphne, The Louisiana state bird - the brown pelican - spent 45 years on the endangered species list. After years of being relocated back to its natural habitat, the April 2010 BP explosion and oil spill ravaged the brown pelican's nesting homes on the Gulf of Mexico.As oil rushed in at millions of gallons each day, seven thousand birds died as a result of the environmental disaster. Three months after the spill, cleanup workers rescued 894 birds. Saving Pelican 895 tells the gripping story of the rescue of one of the oiled bird victims, pelican "LA 895" (named after its state and rescue number), by the Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Louisiana Following LA895 on his heartfelt journey - from his rescue as a young bird with oil-slicked feathers and little survival skills to his return to his natural habitat - the film i
Death on a Factory Farm (2009) - See entire 87 minute HBO film.
By directors Tom Simon and Sarah Teale, tell the story of an animal rights investigator who goes undercover at a Factory Farm. Warning: graphic images.
Meat the Truth (Trailer)
Starring Marianne Thieme, member of the Dutch parliament, and directed by the exceptional director, Gertjan Zwanikken. This ground-breaking film exposes the huge impact of Factory Farming on Global Warming- which is the most significant cause of climate change. . Meat the Truth shows that livestock farming generates more greenhouse gas emissions than all cars, trucks, boats and planes added together.