Exceptional Animal Films to Inspire

Extraordinary animal films to inform and delight you visually. Most are free to watch and all of them are essential to broaden your awareness of the thrilling and exciting, but often dangerous lives these precious animals live. We are the recipients of the immense joy that they bring us every day and we must step out, speak up and help them to survive.

EARTHLINGS (2010) narrated by Joaquin Phoenix-soundtrack by Moby
Watch entire documentary for free. This should be required viewing for every person on the planet, in the interest of restoring sanity to a weary world that practices institutionalized violence against our animal brethren every second of every day in every country in the world. The silence MUST be broken. This film is a masterpiece because it skillfully exposes the atrocities that are meted out with impunity against other living beings.The sanitized view that most people have of these industries is preposterous. We must move towards a new and powerful norm that rejects our apathetic acceptance of these truly evil acts because it is morally wrong and it dishonors us as compassionate human beings. see website for more information on the film. www.nationearth.com
Forks Over Knives Watch Documentary –free online- Duration: 90 min
Forks Over Knives is a 2011 American documentary film directed by American independent filmmaker Lee Fulkerson that advocates a low-fat whole-food, plant-based diet as a means of combating a number of diseases. The film was created and executive produced by Brian Wendel written and directed by Lee Fulkerson and produced by John Corry, with co-producer, Allison Boon. One of the most amazing and hopeful and uplifting films you will ever see. The fact that we are causing disease in our bodies by the lethal food we are consuming is astounding and shocking. Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn have given us a gift. Their research has profoundly affected people all over the globe. Anyone who cares about their health and their longevity must see this remarkable and inspiring film. Be sure to visit their website. http://www.forksoverknives.com/
Food, Inc.
Watch entire documentary for free. Filmmaker Robert Kenner, Eric Scholsser, Author of Fast Food Nation, and Michael Pollan, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, collaborated on this masterpiece to let consumers know where their food comes from, how it effects human health, and the powerful influence of business and government. This film exposes the dangers we face, how we have been duped, and the propaganda we have been fed by these mega corporations and our own government. A must see film.
Delicacy of Despair
This 16 minute film exposes what the foie gras industry wants to keep secret. The product, is the diseased enlarged liver of a duck or goose that is brutally forced fed at least three times a day, so their livers grow up to ten times normal size. The feed is forced down their throats by jamming a long steel tube or rubber hose down their throats. The birds are strictly confined in small cages and suffer constant numerous injuries, are in constant pain, and many die from infections from their injuries. This product of extreme abuse and torture is in demand all over the world. It is a disgrace that human beings can perform such cruel acts against innocent beings. Don’t ever buy it, and tell your friends how it’s made.
Write for a free DVD and posters on this website.
Last of The Spanish Mustangs Len Johnson – watch for free 23 min. film
A significant and important film for all who care and are concerned about wild horses, who may soon be non-existent if the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management continues with their brutal roundups. Beautifully filmed and specifically, presenting the dilemma all wild horses are facing, Johnson exposes the hypocrisies horse advocates are up against. Fabulous website.
Mad Cowboy: The Documentary - DVD
Fascinating life and experiences of a former cattle rancher, Howard Lyman, who changed his life dramatically when he realized that chemically based agricultural production methods were unsustainable, ecologically disastrous, and toxic to human health. A champion in educating people on the dangers of the typical American diet, his research, books, lectures and DVDs have changed lives.
Tribe of Heart – A Charitable Organization and Global Community
For the art of peaceful transformation - watch for free, their documentary film, 43 minutes, titled, The Witness http://www.documentarywire.com/the-witness-a-tribe-of-heart By James LaVeck and Jenny Stein it is the story of a New York City construction worker who becomes an animal rights’ activist after witnessing extreme animal cruelty. A powerful statement for compassion from a really brave man.
The Emotional World of Farm Animals- Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Watch this entire documentary here for free.
The Emotional World of Farm Animals is a fantastic documentary about how animals think and feel, instead of just seeing them as food. Jeffrey Masson, who wrote, When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love, inspires people to join him on his intuitive journey while writing his latest book, The Pig Who Sang to The Moon. His pursuit to comprehend the rich emotional lives of farm animals took him all across America, visiting animal sanctuaries communicating with the animals themselves and their caregivers about their rescue. Masson also delves into the rich ancestry of these curious and intelligent animals and interviews top experts in animal behavior who offer scientific perspectives on these amazing creatures. (Excerpt from animalplace.org)
Help to Switch to a Plant Based Diet
Fantastic DVDs with step by step directions on making amazing vegetarian meals, full of great recipes and nutritional information. The surprisingly easy and uncomplicated ways to really enjoy a plant based diet. Watch videos online or to buy.. TastyandMeatless.com, " Check out this great website and sign up for the monthly newsletter go to their recipe page http://www.chooseveg.com/recipes
Interview with author Mary Lou Randour
Mary Lou Randour, PhD, a professional psychologist, is the director of “Beyond Violence: The Human-Animal Connection,” a joint project of the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) and Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -PSYETA --on the link between animal abuse and human violence. Poignant, insightful, significant interview for all who love animals.