An Invitation to Radical Compassion

This website is a companion piece to my book, “Farewell With Love,” and a perfect complement to the myriad of information and issues presented herein as an invitation to radical compassion. I am referring to compassion so intense and purposeful that indeed, it can be referred to as radical.

Farewell with Love
by Karen Borch


"Karen Borch’s book and website are a passionate plea for lessening animal suffering locally and the world over by taking action, speaking out, and becoming committed stewards for their welfare."

Bill Richardson,
Former Governor of New Mexico and US Ambassador to the United Nations

The miracle of the existence of these animals in our lives is so profound that it is hard to comprehend. Like a present waiting to be unwrapped, the complex and remarkable lives of animals that surround us is unspeakably beautiful, meaningful and significant. To that end, it is our knowledge of the peril they find themselves in, that allows us to face those realities and act with courage and compassion to embrace that ethic that requires us to take a stand, speak out, to perform hands on rescues, and to change laws that accept or promote cruelty, exploitation, and torture.

It asks of us to face the realities of animal suffering the world over in its’ many hideous guises. The indisputable link between animal cruelty and impoverishment of the human spirit is well known. What kind of person can stand by and accept such an abomination? I say, only if his spirit is dead. When you honor an animal and extend your mercy, and understanding, you honor God, and you honor yourself. A thoughtful message to a weary world is to treasure the animals we have been privileged to know, to share our lives with, to study and observe, and at last to be open to the message they bring to us, if we only listen.

Indifference is not an option, neither is silence. Our treatment of them speaks volumes, and our animal brothers and sisters are part of that great circle of life. They are indeed, our family, our earthly relatives, and they deserve our commitment and devotion to who they really are. We need to be stewards of all the earth, especially God’s animals who have no voice.