The Power of Global Networking for Animals

Websites to Inspire Animal Stewardship

There is a growing trend across the world to recognize the immense scale and extent of animal suffering in; animal agriculture, laboratories, entertainment, hunting, etc., and that it is indeed, an ethical issue. 

Although this awareness and subsequent actions to make necessary improvements are not yet universal, the world is slowly evolving towards a more compassionate belief system regarding our animal brethren.

All of these organizations listed need funding, and donations, but many also need volunteers, interns, food, veterinary supplies, help with fund raising, and marketing. Instead of taking an ocean cruise, or languishing away on a beach in the Bahamas or the French Riviera, consider contacting one of these organizations anywhere in the world and offering your expertise or to be a volunteer for your vacation so you can make a real contribution to our suffering animals. It will warm your soul and your spirit will soar, knowing you are making a difference. If you consider yourself an animal steward and a compassionate person, check out these websites and make your own conclusions. If you feel so inclined, speak out against these atrocities and email your friends or blog about these acts of violence against sentient beings. There is something desperately wrong with the human spirit when brutality against animals is tolerated as entertainment or a culturally acceptable event. This is an invitation of significant importance. Animals matter, and you matter.

This is an incomplete list of animal welfare/advocacy groups. Specifically, my intent is to give exposure to some national groups and some groups on the international stage to encourage connecting and networking with each other on vitally urgent animal issues. It is inspiring to find out how many thousands of groups all over the globe are passionately involved in animal welfare. Networking is the key. It is a powerful and effective way to support and encourage each other. By exposing the dilemma of animals in crisis worldwide, we can be more effective. Sharing information and educating the public, our friends, our churches, and schools, wherever we live, makes a huge difference. People all over the world care deeply about animals and most Americans will be pleasantly surprised to learn about the astonishing number of effective and dedicated animal groups all over the globe. (Most of the American groups mentioned here are well known to the public in America, but some are not, and they were added because they were so unique.)