Honoring a Beloved Animal

An Invitation to Honor a Cherished Departed Animal

To me, honoring your animals is a sacred act. God must have smiled when he bestowed the marvelous gift of his animals upon us. He entrusted them into our care. They came to lessen our burdens, lift our hearts and teach us to love. It behooves us to be good stewards, to treat them with compassion and mercy, to understand their needs, and at last to celebrate their existence and honor them in death.

Boltrina, honored by Mommie and Daddy
Sophia, honored by Loved, cherished, and missed by Sam and Daisy
Fokaxiovagm, honored by Name or alternate phrase (e.g., her Loving Family)
UndindyRX, honored by Name or alternate phrase (e.g., her Loving Family)
Spike, honored by Momma and Daddy
Foxy, honored by her mama and papa
Baelor, honored by All that met her
Baelor, honored by All that met her
Hannibal, honored by Marie Lecter
Gidget, honored by Theresa Russel and Family
Buffy, honored by Linda Rogers
Jaco, honored by Lynn Byrd and Jamie Cheshire
Java, honored by Candy, Frank, Dustin, Brandice, Victoria & Mariah
Oscar, honored by His lucky and loving Family
Abigail, honored by Her mommy Katie and the rest of the family
Panda, honored by Her loving mom
Tabitha, honored by Barbara and family
Skye, honored by Greg, Barbara and family
Kenny, honored by His loving family
Roscoe, honored by Your Loving Family
Bubba, honored by His Loving Sissy
Cody Jacob _ Yellow Labrador Retriever 2001-2014, honored by Janessa
Spikie, honored by James Olson
Zoro, honored by Sara, Martha and all those who loved and knew him
Zoro, honored by Name or alternate phrase (e.g., her Loving Family)
April's Moon, honored by Wendy Young and family
Milton, honored by Rhonda Lanier
Chili, honored by His final owner and friend, Beverly
Silver Sheik, honored by Scott Beckstead
Ranger, honored by His family at Ranger's Legacy Equine Rescue

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