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Karen Borch has written an earnest, pull-no-punches essay demanding people open their eyes to the routine torture inflicted on animals in the name of fashion, entertainment, and mere human convenience. We Are Their Only Hope is a testimony to the author’s passion and unbending principle to treat all beings with decency and respect.
- Rev. Gary Kowalski, author of The Souls of Animals and Goodbye Friend: Healing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has Ever Lost a Pet

I am impressed by your compassion and the good sense and creativity of your proposals to help us humans deal with the pain of losing our beloved animals. - Gracia Fay Elwood, Ph.D., Editor “The Peaceable Table”

Together we can turn this miserable situation and status quo around for a new and golden age on Earth where all life is treated with due reverence and we have a much more respectful lifestyle! - Craig C. Downer, Wildlife Ecologist, Author, "The Wild Horse Conspiracy’’  

Farewell With Love 

by Karen Borch (Paperback)

This book is a joyful presentation, celebrating the sanctity of all life and this includes animals. It is a tribute to all animals, great and small. It is a celebration of their existence and a call to honor them in life as well as in death. It addresses all the manifestations of grief and what to expect emotionally, psychologically, and physically when one loses a beloved animal.

Countless recommendations for coping with an animal’s death are addressed and how to turn grief into positive actions. This is especially important and comforting to children. Emphasis is put on the importance of rituals, which are encouraged, and countless ideas are given for memorial ceremonies, making your own coffins and gravestones, as well as other practical issues surrounding their passing.

The book explains at length how important animals are in our lives, and how much they contribute to our wellbeing, happiness and longevity. It describes how deeply our lives are connected with our animals and recognizes that the gifts they bring us are legendary. Included in this book are several delightful, heart-warming true stories, photographs and art work about remarkable animals, their contributions, and how their lives held great and lasting meaning.

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