Hope for the Future

There are countless stories, facts, events, evidence, statistics and information about the enormous efforts of concerned and dedicated people the world over who have devoted their lives to animal welfare. This is a sacred call to commitment to every person on this planet to join the monumental struggle to end animal suffering.

There are animal welfare groups all over the world; many are political parties, some are sanctuaries, some are rescue and hospital facilities, to name a few. The millions of people who are dedicated  to this cause are; volunteers, lobbyists, activists, artists, campaigners, interns, journalists, film makers, politicians, researchers, clergy from all faiths, photographers, and celebrities, and they  are increasing in numbers dramatically.

The sad truth about insidious animal suffering has been slow to take hold but the awareness is growing and the change is significant. The opportunities are endless and the biggest benefit to animal welfare is that people are actually becoming aware of the scope of the crisis. The power of the printed word, and the even more powerful visual statements found in; print media, social media, the internet, in books, and from documentaries, are enormous.

Knowledge is power and when people become aware of this crisis, they are often incredulous and shocked beyond words, but determined to analyze and interpret the data. When they do, they are overwhelmed but often they want to be part of the solution to lessen the suffering. There are continuous possibilities for becoming involved in countless ways. The joy of giving of yourself and your time to a noble and benevolent cause such as this is rewarding beyond belief.

There is great and overwhelming need for help and support in all areas of animal welfare. The advances are slowly and  effectively  making a powerful difference but there is a dire need for more committed individuals. For additional information, please read my essay,” We Are Their Only Hope.”     

Deliberate animal suffering must not stand