The Care and Nurturing of One's Own Animals

Invaluable information for all who have ever shared their existence with an animal.

Here are practical and sensible ideas, but also a joyful invitation to celebrate your animal's life. It is a creative blueprint to nurture your animal in wonderful ways to improve the quality of their life. To make intellectual and emotional connections with our animals we need this invaluable information.

Massage, music, exercise, and even treats are indispensable for contented animals. Unquestionably their health and wellbeing is as important to them as our own is to us, so it is our responsibility as their caregivers to learn fundamental safety measures for each animal companion in our lives.

A critical necessity is to always have an animal first aid kit readily available, and to also become acquainted with alternative medical options when needed. Awareness of foods and plants in the environment that can cause illness or even death is not generally well known, but important knowledge.

Lastly, insight on the elusive and much misunderstood art form, photography. Many animals understand the photographic process and actually enjoy being photographed.  It is also true that many animals are thoroughly annoyed with insensitive exploitation of who they are, by a constant barrage of flashes going off in their faces. Here, for your pleasure, a mini workshop on animal portraiture.