Reflections About Life

by Karen Borch

Always be grateful to God for your life, your health, your skills, your gifts, and the people in your life, even though they are not perfect.

Honor yourself by trying to find good in others.

Celebrate life as often as you can, even if it is only listening to a troubled friend or helping an animal in peril.

Have the courage to seek inner healing if your soul needs it, so you can move forward with your sacred task in life, because everyone has one.

Embrace fully, your wonderful spirit so you can be all you should be.

The kindest words in the English language are, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Remember that you are absolutely unique-no one has your exact same gifts.

You must be stewards of all the earth, especially the animals and children who have no voice.

You do not have an option to rise to your fullest potential. This was laid on your heart at birth.

Having a broken heart is not a mental illness; it is simply, a broken heart, so do not allow anyone to judge your heart.

There are messages everywhere, sometimes from strangers, sometimes from events, and often from children and animals, if we only listen.

Change is inevitable, and you are always changing-make sure it is for the better.

Never live your life without passion-fierce passion for everything you believe in, for those you love, for causes you believe in, and a grand and beautiful passion for the reason you are here, most of all.

Dedicate your life to something, and realize the mortal enemy of our dreams is apathy and complacency.

When you fall short, and we all do, embrace your own frailty, your own humanity, and your own imperfections, because you are still worthy of love, and most of all, respect.

Do not waste precious time blaming yourself, beating yourself up, and criticizing yourself, which devalues your legitimate human responses to life.

It is alright to be fully human and feel anger, sadness, despair, fright, or hopelessness occasionally. It means you are completely in touch with life.

You have incredible strengths, and when you acknowledge them and allow them to come forward, your confidence soars, and your spirit will begin to sing.

The most precious commodity you have is time, so make it count.

When someone gives you their time, even just by active listening, it is a priceless gift.

Anyone who has the gift of inspiration, or awakens in you, your confidence, and pride, and self worth is a friend worth cherishing.

Never forget the enormous power of prayer.

Do not value your intellect over your intuition, because intuition always wins out.

Base your life on sound spiritual principles and you will shine, and people will feel it.

You are never so poor that you have nothing to give.

Sometimes the most meaningful thing you have to give is intangible, because it comes from an open heart.

Sometimes anger is good, just make sure it is righteous anger, because that is a form of energy that generates change.

To recognize the profound difference between excuses and explanations means you extend love, tolerance, and grace to people who are desperately trying to connect with you in a non-judgmental, non-critical environment.

One of the greatest human failings is that we sell ourselves short-do not wait until you are on your deathbed to realize this simple fact.

In spite of chaos, stress, pain, lack, or not knowing what the future has in store for you, be not overwhelmed – instead, find ways to give from the heart to someone or some living creature who needs you.

There is always a reason for joy, always a reason to celebrate, always a reason to embrace you and truly honor yourself, because after all, your very life is a gift.

Our most powerful response to life is to express profound gratitude for every day we are alive, walking the earth.

Outside factors do not control us-they do not steal our joy-they have only the power we give them.

Always challenge yourself and if you don’t have a vision, get one!

Life can be a win-win situation. It depends on all of us.

Never stay silent in the face of evil, because that means you approve.

Expand your worldview dramatically. Anytime a child goes to bed hungry, human rights violations occur, the environment suffers degradation, or animals are brutalized and tortured, we are all responsible. No one is off the hook. This is why we all matter.

Every human being has a contribution to make-it is not a choice.

It is better to be alone than to keep company with anyone who does not honor, your gifts, your inner spirit, and the magic of who you really are.

True wisdom will come to you and when it does you will know. It is not ego based, but comes from searching, a loving heart, and a profound gratitude to God that you were ever born.

God bless you.